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Foods you didn't realize are giving you gas

If I ask you which foods make you gassy, I’d bet you’re going to mention foods like beans or dairy products. These are definite culprits in the gas-forming game.

But there are many others you may not have realized are giving you gas. Like watermelon! Yes, you read that right. Watermelon can give you gas. Read on to find out why.

What’s a FODMAP, anyway?

FODMAP is an acronym:







So that’s a bunch of long, confusing words. What do they actually mean? Oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols are types of carbohydrates. We’ll talk about where you get these carbs in the diet in a moment.

As for the fermentable part, these are carbs that are easily fermented in the gut. And what’s the end product of fermentation? Gas.


There are two main types of oligosaccharides that can cause gas: fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS). FOS is present in onions, garlic, and gluten. GOS is in legumes/pulses.


The main disaccharide to look out for is lactose. This is present in dairy products such as milk, yogurt, ice cream, and cheeses.


The monosaccharide that tends to trigger IBS the most is fructose. Fructose is present in honey, apples, and high fructose corn syrups.


Polyols include sorbitol and mannitol. You’ll mostly see these used as artificial sweeteners in certain food products such as sugar-free chewing gum.

Which foods should I avoid?

The following foods are high in FODMAPs and can lead to increased gas.


· Asparagus

· Artichokes

· Onions and onion salts

· Garlic and garlic salts

· Leeks

· Beets

· Cabbage

· Celery


· Apples

· Pears

· Mango

· Watermelon

· Nectarines

· Peaches

· Plums


· Any dairy that contains lactose


· Beans

· Chickpeas

· Lentils


· Wheat

· Barley

· Rye

Nuts and seeds

· Cashews

· Pistachios

Which foods are low in FODMAP?

The following foods are low in FODMAPs and are unlikely to make you gassy.


· Alfalfa

· Bean sprouts

· Green beans

· Bok choy

· Bell peppers

· Carrots

· Chives

· Fresh herbs

· Cucumber

· Lettuce

· Tomato

· Zucchini


· Banana

· Orange

· Grapes


· Lactose-free dairy products


· Meat

· Fish

· Tofu

· Tempeh


· Rice

· Oats

· Quinoa

· Gluten-free foods

Nuts and seeds

· Almonds

· Pumpkin seeds

Do I have to cut high FODMAP foods out of my diet forever?

The short answer here is no! In my naturopathic practice, I use a low-FODMAP diet as a type of elimination diet. I guide the patient through elimination and reintroduction of high FODMAP foods.

What’s the next step?

If you’re feeling gassy and bloated, a low FODMAP diet may be an option for you. If you’re interested in trying out a low FODMAP diet, hit “Contact” at the top of this page and book your appointment with Dr. Corina ND today.

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Roxanna Kibsey
Roxanna Kibsey
14 lug 2021

Beano is a decent product, not pricey and effective....natural?

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